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Your Wedding
Photo Sharing App!

PhotoOpp Bride Edition App

Your Customized Wedding App
Completely customized for you and your wedding party! PhotoOpp knows exactly when and where your wedding events will take place, intuitively recognizing all of your events and their specific details.

Multi-Event Use - Get 6 Events!
PhotoOpp can be used at all your bridal events including your Engagement Party, Bridal Shower, Bachelorette Party, Rehearsal Dinner, Ceremony and Reception - It's like six apps in one!

NO Time Consuming Login
As your guests arrive at your wedding event, PhotoOpp's advanced technology will automatically give them permission to use your App for the duration of your event. Everything is automatic - they just open, point, and shoot!

Guest-to-Guest Photo Sharing
Photos captured at your wedding with PhotoOpp are instantly shared with all other guests in real time! It's like everyone's using the same camera at the same time!

Bride's Guest Book
Your guests will love to add their own personal well-wishes in your Guest Book.

Souvenir Wedding App
When the celebration is over and your guests leave, PhotoOpp brilliantly transforms into a souvenir photo viewer. Your guests can revisit any event, any time, anywhere - just by opening their App! A great way to say "Thank You" to all who participated.

Your Online
Photo Album! 

Online Wedding Album

Bride's Online Photo Album
Photos are automatically uploaded to your Online Album. Use our fun photo filters, post to social media, email to friends and family, you can do it all!

PhotoShow™ Slide Show
PhotoOpp features a slide show display technology that can be presented at any event using a big screen and projector as photos are being taken by your guests in real-time.

PhotoOpp LIVE
Do you have friends or loved ones that are unable to attend your Wedding? Use PhotoOpp LIVE™ to create a remote online showing. You set the day and time and they can watch as your guests' photos stream in!
See how PhotoOpp LIVE™ was used for Miss America's Wedding.. CLICK HERE!

Digital Camera? No Problem!
Even guests with digital cameras can upload their photos to your wedding album. They can even select the event they took them at!

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