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PhotoOpp Reviews

Wedding App
Shaylee & Suraya - iPhone 4S (v6.0.1)

Awesome App! Easy to use and everyone had so much fun with it!!

Wedding App
Dearest Derya - iPhone 4 (v6.0.1)

I can not say enough about this app! We ended up with 449 pictures!! It's going to take a while to go through them all but so worth it. I highly recommend this app to anyone getting married :)

Wedding App
AnnaAruba - iPhone 4S (v6.0.1)

I Love this app!
I would highly recommend this app to anyone. The slide show was my favorite part and I had a great time with it at my wedding!
Wedding App
Ohgirl20 - iPhone 4 (v6.0.1)

Such a great idea!
We bought this ap for our wedding. It was one of our best purchases! Especially because you could use it throughout other events! The best part was that our guests loved it! They enjoyed taking pictures to share and I love that we have those pictures forever. It is like seeing the wedding day through everyone else's eyes! Definitely recommend!
Wedding App
MalloryM8749 - iPhone (v3.0)

This is great.

Very very very cool app! A lot more fun than we thought it would be!
Wedding App
Jenny285 - iPhone 4 (v3.0)

Very cute app

I have to say this was a very cute app. We used it at my sister's reception this past weekend and it was a lot of fun. Simple, pretty, and the slide show was the hit of the night :) I'd reccommend to anyone. Good job Photoopp people!
Wedding App
Marvin - HTC EVO Shift 4G

Me gusta!!!
Buena aplicacion, la use en mi boda, usenla!!!

Wedding App
Donnie1983 - iPhone (v5.0)

Great app!

I'm impressed with this app and the developers. When I first downloaded it last week it had a few issues (crashed when I tried to view the Bridal Party, for one), but I emailed the developers and today everything works as expected. And they've now added the ability to do a slideshow on a Mac. We're excited about using this for my daughter's wedding. I recommend it!
Wedding App
Noriah - iPhone 4 (v3.0)


Used this yesterday at an outdoor wedding. It was pretty cool.
Wedding App
Daniele - Motorola Droid RAZR (v1.0)

Love this!!!

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